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Fruit, Fruit, Fruit

We have a selection of fruit right now, available in the fridge in our barn self-serve. We had our Reliance and Red Haven peach season, and now are on to Contender. They are juicy, good sized peaches. This is their first real year fruiting so I have not tried canning or processing them yet, but they are delicious. They need a few days ripening on the counter (or longer, in the fridge) at this point in the season.
We also have some Somerset seedless grapes this year. They are small, sweet grapes that grow so well, we will likely plant more of them. They are perfect for eating right now.
As for apples, we still have Red Astrachan, and also have Williams Pride. Red Astrachan is a relatively tart apple, and Williams Pride is sweeter, with skin so red the color bleeds into the flesh. This is the first year of production for this apple, we are excited to be able to try them out.
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