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In the two months since I last wrote here, the season has developed. Trees blossomed well, pollinators were busy, and fruit set was very good. Varieties we planted over the years are starting to fruit, and we will taste some varieties for the first time this year. Apples are sizing up well, far too fast to keep up with hand thinning tasks. We have more plums than we have ever had on those four trees, and despite weak looking peach blossoms the fruit is looking good on those as well. We hope to offer some of those other fruits for sale when we have the tasting room open, later in the year.

Our current vintage of Farmhouse and Hopped ciders and our Cyser are now matured and ready for sale. We have restocked our retailers, and have been offering tasting room hours every other Saturday or so. The summer dates are much less crowded and hectic than fall, so we feel like we can return to our early years of selling apples, when we were able to talk with people a lot more. It has been fun. We are also pouring our cider at the Green River Brewfest in Greenfield this Saturday, June 20. That was a fun crowd last year and I’m sure will be a blast this year as well.

With the kids done with school, the orchard and gardens growing, sheep sheared of their fleece, and new chickens getting bigger, it feels like summer is here at last. Yay for the growing season!

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