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Post Cider Days

Cider Days weekend was once again a busy, fun time. The weather was cold, windy, and wet, but folks came anyway, for one or more of the talks we had each day, and to try hard ciders and check us out. We had some help from friends and family so we could give talks and cidery tours. We had over one hundred people here at some times, so it was a good thing the new building was finished so they could all get out of the cold. This is also a weekend when lots of people involved with hard cider professionally are in the area, so we had the opportunity to visit with friends we see rarely, as well as meet new people who are working with cider in some way. We sold out of the cyser and ice cider over the course of the weekend, but still have sparkling, hopped, and farmhouse. Get in touch if you’d like to buy some, or you can buy the sparkling and hopped at one of our retailers.

Now that the retail season is done, we were able to finish our hard cider pressings (except the ice cider, which will wait until there is a cold snap). We have also caught up with bookwork and other tasks that had been delayed, and we can turn our attention to putting the orchard to bed by spreading compost and putting vole cages around the young trees. We have a few experiments to conduct in the cidery, and our hard cider has begun its journey from sweet juice to alcoholic beverage in our shiny new tanks.

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