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Midseason check in

Hard to believe our first two weekends open this fall have already passed. Our new space is working well for us, with more elbow room for everyone. This past weekend in particular the weather was beautiful, and the trees are changing color already so the views of the hills were spectacular. I think this might have been the first weekend we’ve been open that was actually hot at times. It was great to see so many of our customers from previous years again, and to meet new ones as well. While we had a lot of visitors, the Freedom apple trees still have plenty of fruit on them, so we will be open for apple picking this coming weekend. We will check in again after the weekend has passed to decide if we can offer any apple picking Columbus Day weekend.

A note to folks who have bought ice cider: the warm weather this weekend revealed a flaw in our packaging for this product. As the ice cider warms up, it expands, and the bar top caps push up in the neck of the bottle. Given enough warmth the top will probably pop right off. The cider itself is fine but the tops are not functioning as well as we had hoped. So we are recommending storing the ice cider in a cool cellar, or in the fridge so the caps will stay on. We clearly need to use a different bottle type in future.

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