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Opening next week!

As we look forward to opening for the season Friday, September 20th, we have a countdown of things to accomplish. We picked MacIntosh apples, as they are ready a little earlier than when we are open. We only have two MacIntosh trees left, the others having been grafted over to varieties that produce better apples when cared for organically, so those Macs will go into our first cider pressings. We will be picking peaches over the next few days, so we should have a few quarts of those for people to buy next weekend. The orchard is looking good, and it smells like apples, a sure sign that the fruit is almost ready.
Our new retail space in the barn is ready, jams and jellies are stockpiled, and four cider varieties are bottled and labelled and ready for sale. We have been in a flurry of buying bottles, labels, bags etc. to be sure we are all set for the season. We will pick more apples and press cider so we have sweet cider ready for sale on the weekend. As usual, our first weekend we will offer Liberties for picking, as our other varieties will be better with another week or so on the trees.
We have of course been doing other seasonal things - the boys and Jen are back in school, and the garden is producing like crazy so we are turning all those veggies into our food stores for the winter. A very good year for potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and not so great for squash and broccoli. Its always comforting to fill the shelves with our own canned produce.
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