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Cider Days

Mark your calendars, Franklin County Cider Days ( is coming up Nov. 2nd and 3rd. Join in celebrating cider, hard and sweet! We will be doing two talks here that weekend,
⁃“A Primer on Organic Orcharding Practices”, Saturday 12:00-1:00
⁃“So you want to be a Commercial Cider Maker”, Sunday 11:30-12:30, with Steve Gougeon and Andy Brennan (
The Cidery). We will discuss getting into a small scale, farmstead based approach to commercial cider making. Topics include; regulatory hurdles, scaling up from home fermenting, and marketing/distribution from a two state perspective (MA and NY).
⁃And we’ll have hard cider, sweet cider and doughnuts! Check out their site for schedules (see side bar).
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