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Hard cider matures

Our hard cider has been fermenting very slowly this season, but it was finally ready to be transferred into new vessels this past week. We spent a day moving cider from one vessel to another, with a bit of product testing. A productive day. It is amazing how different cider can be from year to year using the same apple varieties. One year we made a lot of cider with Freedom apples, and it was all pretty high acid. We only made a little cider from Freedoms this year, and the acid level is much, much lower - it tasted really good, actually. Hard to say why. So our cider is going to be quite different every year, given differences in the apples and the yeast from year to year. Every batch is a new experience!
The cider will age for another few months before we bottle it this spring, and then it conditions in the bottle for a while. We expect to start selling cider in May this year. Stay tuned for where it will be available.


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