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Looking forward to opening September 19

This has been a hard working summer here, with the new building going from idea to (nearly) complete, on top of the usual work in the orchard, gardens, hard cider cellar, and woodshop. We are just starting to pick the early varieties we have only a few trees of, including Famouse, MacIntosh, Prima, Wealthy, and Williams Pride. Many of these apples will go into the sweet cider for our first weekend we are open, when we will be picking Libertys. The Liberty crop looks good this year, after a low crop last year. Meanwhile, Steve’s mom has been busy with her jam pot, preserving all the berries we grow, including blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and gooseberry. Those jams and jellies are a great way to enjoy the fruits of summer when there is snow on the ground.

Last year we were picked out so quickly, we felt we had to do something different, since many of our long-time customers didn’t make it here before we were sold out. So this year we have instituted a 2-peck maximum per household. That is 20 pounds of apples, half a bushel. While I know a few of you will be disappointed, most customers only buy up to that amount, so I hope this will be a good change for most of you.

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