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That's a wrap

We had amazing weather this weekend for Cider Days. We had a good crowd and it was a great way for us to close out our season. We were able to sell all our apples this year, which is good as we do not have cold storage, and our orchard size is really only suitable to in-season availability. We have a little time now to put the orchard to sleep for the winter. We will be placing orders for rootstock and and some trees (more peaches and some cidering cultivars) as well as a final cleaning in the cider mill in addition to draining the pipes out there so they don't freeze this winter. Our 2010 season starts with our pruning that we begin in late Feb. and March, and then we're off and running again. Right now we have some time to breathe and sit and listen to the hard cider ferment: blub, blub blub,blub......
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