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feeding the trees

We spent a beautiful Saturday last weekend feeding compost to all the trees in the orchard, returning some nutrients to them in return for all the apples we have harvested. This compost is leaf and wood based, coming from a local landscaper, which is perfect for trees - all the fungi and bacteria are wood-based species, so they will hopefully continue to be happy and productive in the orchard. Feed the soil, feed the tree.

We have also been surrounding our baby trees with wire cages, to keep the rodents from girdling them. Voles killed most of the trees we have had to replace, so this is an important safety measure. So, the orchard is ready for winter. Our next task will be ordering any new trees or rootstock we can’t resist this winter, and then pruning next March. Thank heavens this is a seasonal venture!

On this day of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all of you who support our orchard and allow us to keep it in production. A few years ago, we faced the choice of taking care of the trees or chopping them all down, and it’s thanks to you all that we can justify the time and care we put into the orchard. There is nothing more satisfying than growing food.

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