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Certified Organic Hard Ciders and Apples

2015 Season Opener

There are lots of apples this year. For a small operation like us, trying to pick them all will be the challenge. The apple are generally larger than normal for us too, some of the biggest individual apples we have ever had on some varieties. For the weekend of Sept. 18-20 we start the season with PYO Liberty apples, and ready picked Jon Pippin, Williams Pride, Red Astrachan, and Macintosh. We will be doing our first pressing of the season on Friday morning to supply sweet cider for the weekend. To add more, we are also releasing the 2014 Ice Cider and our first commercial version of a New England style cider which is fermented with brown sugar and raisins, and aged in oak. We are very excited to see what people think of this cider. Hope to see you!

Out scouting some wild trees.


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