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Cider work

We have been working hard on lots of different orchard tasks. We received our federal winery license, and indeed the people were very helpful and it was an easy process. We will send off the state winery license in the next day or two. We also have paperwork involving organic certification of the hard cider, and approval of hard cider labels by two different offices. Phew! This hopefully brings us closer to selling hard cider in the foreseeable future. In anticipation of this, we bought more fermenting vessels, including used glass demijohns from our friends at Green River Ambrosia, and we are trying out a whiskey barrel as well. We also bought a larger press, still the same bladder style but with larger capacity so we can press more cider in less time.
Another new venture for us is selling jams and baked goods when we are open on the weekends. This requires getting our kitchen certified, which means, yes, more paperwork and inspections. We expect to have this in place for this fall so our customers can enjoy some of Steve’s mom Lindy’s fabulous cooking.
Finally, we have even done some actual orchard work outside. We have been keeping grass down around the young trees, checking their trunks for borer damage, and picking up drops under the early variety apples we have. Our one Astrachan tree is just about ready, we will press those apples for vinegar in the next week using our new, bigger press.
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