Bear Swamp Orchard & Cidery

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The fermenting season

The end of the season, or here known as the fermenting season. We have now just finished our last pressings for our season, some for freezing but most for next year's cider vinegar. We already have our hard cider aside for the season (photo).
The most important part of making good vinegar is having a good "mother", the bacteria that converts the alcohol to acid, thus making vinegar. After a number of years of fermenting vinegar in the open air we now have an excellent mother that we are able to use for all our new batches. Getting a good mother is a seemingly random event, you just need to start a lot of different batches going and wait until a good strain of bacteria make themselves at home in one of your jugs of vinegar. The nice part is that once you get a good strain going you can just suck up a sample from your finished vinegar and put it in your next batches. Kind of like sourdough except you don't need to feed it.

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