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Bottling day

IMG_1853 IMG_1852
New labeler and new bottler
IMG_1854 IMG_1845
Farmhouse cider going into a barrel for aging, and Maple sugaring

Spring has arrived at last, with maple sap boiling and trees getting pruned. It is also time for us to work on hard cider. We bottled the Sparkling hard cider this weekend and moved the Farmhouse hard cider to a bourbon barrel to add that barrel-aged patina to the cider. We updated our process a bit with a new labeler (made here in Ashfield!) and a five-spout bottler. The whole process was significantly smoother and quicker than our previous setup, which involved hand-applying each label, and bottling one at a time. Using these tools in our current space gives us good insight into how we want to set up our new space once we have that built. Like we did last year, we used maple syrup to bottle condition the Sparkling hard cider. The only difference is, we got our maple syrup certified organic so we can use it in our cider and still maintain that 100% organic status.

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