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Steve and Jen spent a couple hours pouring hard cider at Provisions in Northampton this past Monday. It was a nice opportunity to have some more folks taste our cider, as well as meet the people working at the store. This is a really exceptional place, offering an amazing array of wines, beers, cheeses and other specialty foods. They have a whole rack of local ciders and meads, where our Sparkling cider is available until we run out. If you want to shop for these items where the staff is knowledgeable and helpful, check out Provisions. There is even free 15 minute parking out front.
We also delivered some Sparkling cider at Ryan and Casey in Greenfield, and Cold River Package in Charlemont. Both of these stores are really supportive of local beverages, with a great selection of most of the alcoholic beverages our area has to offer. We are lucky to live in an area where not only local food, but local drinks, are increasingly more available. We will certainly be enjoying some local cider with our harvest Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Happy fall!
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