Bear Swamp Orchard & Cidery

Certified Organic Hard Ciders and Apples



Pick Your Own is over for the year. See you in 2019.
All apples and other fruit are sold out too.

We have a beautiful farm at the top of the hills on the east side of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, with views that reach out to Vermont and New Hampshire. We also border the Trustees of Reservations Bear Swamp Reserve which offers miles of scenic hiking trails and views of its own. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch.
Some of what you’ll find:

It can be windy, and cooler up here than in the valleys, so bring a coat just in case.
You can call/email ahead to check on availability.
We look forward to seeing you.

2018 Price List*
Pre picked - Farmstand
1/4 peck $8

Certified Organic Pick Your Own
1/4Peck $7
1/2 Peck $12
Peck $20 (= $2/lb +/-)

1 Peck = 10 pounds +/-
4 pecks = 1 bushel
*Prices may change at any time.

Baked Goods- Doughnuts, etc. All hand made right here.

Organic fresh sweet Cider (raw, unpasteurized, untreated, organic juice from our apples)
1/2 gallon - $6

Organic raw Cider Vinegar - limited supply
750ml bottles - $9.50

Organic Jams and Jellies - $8.50 - 1/2 pint
Varies with the season (and inspiration)! Made from our fruit and herbs, plus organic sugar, spices and lemon juice for pectin.

Organic Hard Ciders
Hard cider from a farm, not a factory.
See hard cider page for more information.

Farmhouse Organic- 6.9% ABV - 750ml - $13.50

Organic Hopped Hard Cider- 6.9% ABV- 750ml - $13.50

Organic New England Hard Cider- 12% ABV- 750ml - $15


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