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Welcome to Bear Swamp Orchard

We have closed, thanks for your support over the years.

As farmers we are used to shifting with the season. We are going to stop doing the orchard as a commercial venture after 17 seasons. It's just become too much of a burden for us at this point in our lives. My parents, who's help was critical, have aged out of being able to do what they used to. Our boys, who also were key help, have moved on with their own lives too. Jen’s teaching job has changed and she just doesn't have the time she used. 

This leaves me to cover it all, along side my full time woodworking business, and at my age I just can’t keep it up anymore with two physical jobs. Help was always hard to find, and now is virtually impossible. We have been scaling back what we could do, and it has really come to a breaking point mentally and physically. It is sad, and hard considering what we have put into it, but it is going to be best for our quality of life going forward. It was always a part time gig, and a boost economically at a time when we needed it.

We have met so many amazing people over the years. We have literally watched many of your children grow up as they came picking here year after year. Life is about the experiences we share, and we were glad so many were able to share this with us and make it so special. But all things must pass.

Steve & Jen



(PS- We will from time to time in the future have brandy available, not sure what that will look like at this point.)

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