Welcome to Bear Swamp Orchard

 Distillery & Cidery

Our family welcomes you to our organic orchard and tasting room


Whats Going On?

We are sold out of current products and closed. We hope to open our tasting room late summer 2022.


Tasting Room

The apple brandy/hard cider bottle shop and tasting room is closed for the season.


Changes in 2022

As farmers, we are used to shifting with the seasons. Bear Swamp Orchard is truly a family endeavor, and we have really enjoyed being a small part of the local food experience for people with our apples, cider and donuts, hard cider and brandy each fall for 16 years. However, we have reached a new season in that aspect of our lives, as the youngest generation has started on their adult paths, and the older generation has settled into their well-deserved retirement. This leaves Steve and Jen, who have decided to scale back the orchard in response to this phase of their lives. In 2022, we will continue to hold tasting room hours, we may offer some PYO apple picking depending on the crop. But, other things like doughnuts, sweet cider and sorting pre-picked apples are not possible with the current available labor.

Thanks for your support over the years.

Steve and Jen



All of our products are made from the fruit we grow here which are grown to organic standards, and are fermented, distilled, bottled, and sold here.


We make apple brandy and the aperitif Pommeau. Available only at the farm in very limited quantities

    Apple brandy is a spirit (hard liquor) distilled from fermented apple juice (hard cider). Unlike vodka or other neutral spirits which are stripped of flavor in order to concentrate alcohol, our brandy is distilled twice in our pot still to help preserve fruit flavor and aromatics. 

Starting with hard cider, we use our 50 gallon pot still and double distill it to concentrate the alcohol, and then blend it down to a finished 40%  alcohol.


Our hard ciders are wild fermented slowly from apples we grow, resulting in a dry, complex, wine-like beverage.


We have our grown to organic standards apples in season, plus apple cider vinegar and other products made from our fruit as available. Pick your own organic apples are available some years, depending on crop.