Products We Sell - At the Farm

Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy -  Wood aged 18+ Months.  41% ABV  375ml  $32

Eau de Vie - SOLD OUT  Clear, un-aged apple brandy.  41% ABV  375ml  $32   

Pommeau - Sweet dessert aperitif, made by blending apple brandy with fresh apple juice and then aged 18 months to two years.  19% ABV  375ml  $32


Apples & Other Products

All Items Are Seasonal

Certified Organic Pick Your Own - Some years we offer PYO. We are very small and only have a couple of varieties that we offer for PYO, but have others available already picked. 

Bring a lunch, go for a hike! It can be cool here so dress accordingly!

1 Peck  - $22 (= $2/lb +/-) 

Bushel - $80

1 Peck = 10 pounds +/-

4 pecks = 1 bushel

*Prices and availability may change at any time.

Organic raw Cider Vinegar - limited supply

750ml bottles - $10

Organic Jams and Jellies - $9 - 1/2 pint

Varies with the season (and inspiration)! Made from our fruit and herbs, plus organic sugar, spices and lemon juice for pectin.